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Consultation & Site Inspection

Consultation Site Inspection Our site inspection helps us to gather information about the energy requirements of your home or office….


Sales Our high quality solar panels can be used to power your home or business. Our solar-powered photovoltaic (PV) panels…


Installation Installing our Calpros Solar System in your home or office is the final piece to the puzzle. Our installation…


Maintenance All our products come with a warranty. You enjoy FREE maintenance checks on our products as long as the…

Electrical Wiring

Electrical Wiring Our 10+ years extended experience in delivering wiring solutions help us provide quality electrical wiring for your home…

Our Promise

No Fumes

Our solutions are the cleanest form of renewable energy available. No fumes or release of toxic gases to the environment.

No Noise

Say goodbye to the sound of noisy generators when you decide to go the Calpros way.

Zero Fuel

By choosing Calpros, You cut out the continuous purchase of fuel because our solution draws electricity directly from the sun which is freely available.


As long as you follow our guidelines on usage, we promise up to 1year warranty on all batteries and up to 10 years warranty on our solar panels.

Free Site Inspection and Quotation

We access your energy requirements to provide you options that match your specific needs.

Over The Phone Consultation

We can give quick over the phone consultation. To speak to our engineers for a quick quotation. Call 08054442200

Excellent Engineering Team

Choosing Calpros is leveraging on our team of Engineers with a wealth of experience in the solar energy space.

Residential and Commercial

We cater for both residential and commercial buildings at different scales.

Bespoke Powered Systems

We also provide tailored energy services like powering street lights and ATM Machines.

Pan African

With our focus on West Africa, we welcome clients from other countries across the sub region.

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